Away3d Caurina Tweener

An example creating tweens with Caurina in Away3D inspired by Papervision Matrix3D Tween example from wonderfl. Launch website package { import away3d.core.base.Object3D; import away3d. »

Away3d Water Example

An example implementation of water in Away3D, using the first person controller template from my previous blog post. Launch website Using water normals from Away3D example »

Away3d Template

Implementing Away3D requires some boilerplate, which either templates or abstraction and inheritance can alleviate details while keeping cleaner ActionScript files. My preference is abstraction and inheritance, »

Away3d Terrain

Example terrain implementation using Away3d abstracted within Blitting. Launch website package { import away3d.entities.Mesh; import away3d.extrusions.Elevation; import away3d.lights.DirectionalLight; import away3d.materials. »

Away3d Skybox

Away3d skybox with Blitting abstraction. Example implementation of a skybox using Away3d abstracted within a Blitting Away3dViewport. Launch website package { import away3d.primitives.SkyBox; import away3d. »